Trees and Shelving

Set up perching and resting areas in several locations on each level of your home. For multiple cats, you need more than one cat tree. Experiment with different locations until you’ve figured out which ones maximize your cats’ use of the cat trees.

You can give your cat optimal relief by providing him with cat trees and pieces of furniture to hide under, and ensuring easy access to these elevated or hiding locations. These safe places can also prevent him from feeling a high level of fear to begin with. If he is at the top of his cat tree when a toddler walks in, he can be much more confident and less fearful if he feels he is out of harm’s way. If he were instead on the floor, backed into a corner, with no escape route or safe hiding places he could easily sprint or jump to, he may act more fearful – as if the toddler were a blow torch coming at him.

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