Contech StayAway Motion-Activated Pet Deterrent from Contech

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Description of Perfect kitchen counter deterrent! Also great for...

Thousands of my clients have tested and approved the Stay Away can! Mine has lasted for 3 years and still going strong!  This is a very humane product giving a warning beep before the gust of air is expelled.  Eventually you can turn off the air and the warning beep will deter your cat. We are proud to stock the brilliant Contech StayAway Motion-Activated Pet Deterrent!

There are other air deterrents on the market, but nothing like StayAway. The Contech StayAway Motion-Activated Pet Deterrent will be an excellent buy.

Product Features

Humane method of keeping pets away from certain areas of your home Passive infrared sensor detects animal within 3-foot range Two different modes of operation: sound with odorless compressed air spray and sound only Each replaceable can of compressed air holds over 200 sprays Powered by 4 AAA batteries (sold separately)