Da Bird Super Pack (Includes 1 Da Bird Original 36" Single Pole Cat Toy, Feather Refill, Sparkly Attachment, Kitty Puff Attachment, and Peacock Feather) by Go Cat Feather Toys

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Description of Da Bird Super Pack (Includes 1 Da Bird Original 36"...

Da Bird Super Pack includes an original one-piece wand, and realistic feathers to enrich your cat's environment and stimulate the natural hunter instinct. The Super Pack comes with 3 attachment refills that even lazy cats can't resist. Da Bird Cat Toy REFILL Feathers provide long lasting fun and environmental enrichment by stimulating your cat's natural hunter instinct.

To learn more about the importance of creating an enriching and stimulating environment for your cat, and how to do it, read my book The Cat Whisperer .

Product Features

Original ONE piece wand, strong and well made Realistic feather toy activates your cat's hunting instinct 3 Attachment Refills (Feather, Sparkly, Kitty Puff) Cats go wild over Peacock Feathers Even lazy and fat cats cannot resist all this!