Planet Petco Castle Cat Scratcher from Planet PETCO

Not Available Discontinued - Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and we will not be receiving any more stock. Click here for alternative products.

Description of Planet Petco Castle Cat Scratcher by Planet PETCO

The Planet Petco Castle Cat Scratcher is made from corrugated cardboard, helping your cat sharpen and shed the outer layer of claw. Scratching is a natural instinct and a scratching board will help protect your furniture from damage. The castle provides ample hide-out space.

To learn more about the importance of providing proper scratching surfaces for your cats, read my book The Cat Whisperer .

Product Features

Helps satisfy your cat's natural scratching instincts Encourages appropriate scratching behavior Trains your cat away from scratching furniture Corrugated cardboard helps to groom cat claws Includes catnip to entice your kitty